Inspired to positively influence sustainability and social equity beyond the bounds of architecture, Mahlum is a Pacific Northwest architecture firm with a people-centric culture that celebrates collaboration, caring, and creativity. In 2017, Lyrics Inc. and Krimmelworks conducted extensive research in defining content and user experience strategy to reshape Mahlum’s online presence – one that better reflects its people, vision, core values, and process; in August, Yummy Panda was invited to join the team to assist in developing and visualizing website design concepts addressing these needs. 
The redesigned site, launched in early 2018, serves as an instrument to declare intents, record processes, and exhibit results. The short storytelling segments throughout the site create alternative navigation entry points and make use of Mahlum’s portfolio photography, inviting visitors to further explore the firm's ideas and its work. Additionally, a section of the site is dedicated to Mahlum’s employees in celebrating eclectic individuality, the creative spirit in the workplace as well as in the communities.
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