Hello, I am Yachun Peng, the creator behind the work of Yummy Panda.
I consider design challenges a series of discoveries and experiments – of new ways, improved methods, and better communications. I design to connect people, ideas, and cultures; and to inspire deeper understanding and affinity between businesses, organizations, and the people they serve.
In 2014, I decided to return to the campus in pursuit of completing my undergraduate degree. At Cornish College of the Arts, I expanded my field of study to include user experience, film, and content creation for virtual/augmented/mixed reality. In May of 2017, I completed my BFA thesis in experiential storytelling, seeking ways to utilize new technology in creating meaningful, immersive, and interactive experiences that inspire users to cultivate a lasting relationship with narratives in written words.
The result is Unbroken Shadow, an experiential storytelling in virtual reality with Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven.
When I am not designing, you will find me playing with paint and brushes, or with a camera in my hands. Check out the happy results in Draw and Memento!
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