HeartRock Press is an independent publisher dedicated to creating reading experiences that delight children and adults alike. Its mission is to inspire awareness of peace within oneself, with others, and with the environment; to foster appreciation of Pacific Northwest native places, and to spread enjoyment of and learn about Asian brush painting (Sumi-e). A portion of all proceeds to HeartRock Press goes to restore and preserve wild places in the Pacific Northwest.
Super Simple Sumi-e   |   written and illustrated by Yvonne Palka
In keeping with the spirit of "the brush dances and the ink sings", this step-by-step instructional book to Sumi-e is filled with unexpected elements, making the learning experience of this ancient art form a discovery and an adventure as the page turns.
Yummy Panda joined HeartRock Press and CeciBooks at an early stage of the book development, providing creative direction on the concept and tone of voice for Super Simple Sumi-e. The design development process included storyboard, art direction, book design, and calligraphy.
In 2012, Super Simple Sumi-e was awarded the Gold Medal in the Mom’s Choice Awards, and the Silver Medal in the Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards.
Dragon Fire, Ocean Mist   |   written and illustrated by Yvonne Palka
On the wild ocean coast of Washington State,  there are enormous sea stacks at Point of Arches, Shi Shi Beach. The rocks loom high and dark over the water, like the backs of ancient mythical creatures. When Jaxon and Allie encounter the Shi Shi dragon, they are quickly befriended by the whole dragon family. But no one is safe from the thieving, temperamental dragon Zorg and his strange brood. Allie and Jaxon will need all the ingenuity they can muster — as well as the help of Niji, the dragon foundling — to defeat the dark-winged Zorg and restore peace to Shi Shi Beach.
With 80+ Sumi-e illustrations throughout the book, Yummy Panda worked closely with author/illustrator Yvonne Palka, in providing art direction for the delightful spots while creating eye-catching and fluent design for a visually satisfying reading experience, befitting the artfully written story.​​​​​​​
Dragon Fire, Ocean Mist was awarded the Bronze Medal in the Best First Chapter Book category of the Moonbeam Children's Book Awards in 2009.
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