The environmental graphic design program was a part of the design revolution at the Boeing 737 Renton plant. In creating a factory-office hybrid, NBBJ helped Boeing transform the culture by aligning people and process around the product they built, and created a work place that's fun, spirited and relevant.
To provide a sense of place in the built environment, interior color-coding, way-finding, signage program, and poster campaigns were put in place, and an unique experience was created for Boeing employees. A naming system was developed for the conference rooms with the entire building plan keyed to a world map; city names are assigned to rooms based on their coordinates on the globe. In the poster campaign, the serial number of a specific 737 aircraft that actually flies through each city is incorporated graphically on the poster. This is a visual reference to the personal connection that each worker, designer, or engineer has to other places and cultures.
Yachun was the senior designer on the Move to the Lake team at NBBJ.
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